Understandably you might wander what a cat-day has to do with Christianity and Church, but thinking about cats, it reminded me of someone who once described a so called ‘cat-theology’.

Cat-theology was set here against dog-theology. In dog-theology the argumentation goes as follows: 'You, feed me, you pet me, you shelter me, you love me; you must be God.' In cat-theology however, the argumentation goes: You feed me, you pet me, you shelter me, you love me; I must be God.' The international cat day gives the opportunity to search in ourselves, how much we have leaned towards the cat theology, instead of towards God.

A cartoonist once drew a scientist announcing a breakthrough in understanding cat-language: "Cats only say two things; 'Where's my dinner?' and 'Everything here is mine.'"

If we’ve leaned too much towards a cat theology, these two observations are true to us as well. In the first saying, ‘where is my dinner?’, lies hidden the search for hedonism, which means I do what I want to do, to satisfy my longing for pleasure. Whether it will be in what I want to eat, or want to cloth or want to drink or have pleasure in, the main idea is to satisfy my own longings. 

The second question, ‘everything here is mine’, seems very close connected to it. When everything here on earth is mine, why shouldn’t I want to use it? Every opportunity I have to fulfill my desires is then normal, because everything is mine anyway. 

Therefore, those who profess a cat-theology are commonly called atheists or agnostics. Although, atheists don't want to have anything to do with religion or theology, but even they have to admit that when they believe there's no god, instead they have become gods themselves. If someone rejects God, he or she rejects the existence of a higher authority. An Authority that is standing above humanity itself. This is absolutely not a new idea, or modern thought, because already Protagoras, in the 5th century BC, discussed this subject and hence coined the phrase that humanity is then the measure of all things.

When we believe or accept God’s authority by default we have to submit ourselves to His Rules and Regulations. Not only because of God’s Authority, but even more so because they are the best for ourselves including our society. They provide us with a stable framework of rules and regulations for living. God's love and commandments are not bound to the tidal changes of society or to the whims of those who rule over us. God provide us with the ingredients for a right society under the control of a loving a caring God, who gives us a hope for life and of an eternity, which nothing or no one else can offer.

After the Covid lockdowns and a reopening of our society has begun, the discussion starts again about our future welfare and well-being societal systems. Let us not be guided by a cat-theology and not forget the living presence of God with us and the rules and regulations He left us to follow in order to build a just and honest society.