Hans has asked me to share a message that I sent to members of the church in Lovell last weekend.   What a strange few weeks these have been! My wife and I are in isolation like so many others. In our case this would have likely happened anyway because Barbara has an unrelated medical condition that increases the need for personal care.   On the positive side, the garden has never been in such good order. On the negative, I miss just being able to pop out to the garden centre to browse and let's be honest, just indulge in the odd plant or three.   I have been asked how people may continue to support the church. Financially this can be done by sending your gifts to  - Lillingstone Lovell PCC - sort code 20-57-40 Account 40021792. Sadly the bills don’t just stop even in these circumstances.   Should you need support or just a friendly voice then you can contact me or the church office on 01280814430 and someone will get back to you. But do follow the advice to stay home unless absolutely necessary.   Our church building like all religious buildings is shut, as they are for all faiths. I think this is unfortunate. I understand no gatherings of more than two people and that therefor our services must be cancelled. But many find solace and mental strength from being able to use the church just as a place of quiet contemplation and many more a necessary place; a place to commune with God Our Father. For me this is the first time for more than 40 years that I have not gone to a church building on Sunday without a specific reason .I am finding that very strange. When working it was a way to switch off from the day to day pressures. Since retiring it has got me out of the house and able to meet and talk to a group of people I like to think of as like minded friends.    However the Diocese is broadcasting a service every Sunday morning at 10.00am. The link is https://www.oxford.anglican.org/coronavirus-covid-19/livestream/. If that doesn’t workout go to the the Diocesan of Oford web site and use the Directory or try  oxford.anglican.org/livestream

In our own Parish we are developing a new Parish web site. The link for that is http://nbpchurches.org.uk/ On this you will find an increasing volume of news and other information. This months Parish Magazine is on there for you to enjoy.

  Last Sunday I was due to preach at the Deanery Lent Evensong. The theme for the series was christian care. In our communion service within the prayers of penitence we are reminded to “ Love your neighbour as yourself”. All around us we see examples of the vast majority of our community working together for others. Whether it by a phone call to someone who might be isolated or collecting some shopping. It has been good to see how people are acknowledging each other and showing courtesy to each other. Long may that continue. Let us shut out the actions of idiots and those in the press who always look for the negative in every situation. Let's be encouraged that the vast majority are working - together - for the common good - truly following the principles of Love your neighbour as yourself.   One of the set Gospel readings for this recent Sunday, Palm Sunday, on, and the Death of Jesus. But it ends with the Centurion and those who were with him proclaiming “Surely he was the Son of God”.   In this difficult time let us as christians never forget the sure and certain knowledge that he is The Son of God. That he will watch over us and will lead us out of our current troubles if we will believe and have trust in him.   May the Lord Jesus watch over you and your families and keep you well and safe.   Every blessing. May we all meet again soon when times are better.   Ian