The Bible reading from 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 speaks about the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ. The light of the glory of Christ is also the main theme of the preaching of Paul. As he wrote in :5: For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord. And what Paul preaches mirrors the Word of God that says: ‘Let Light shine out of darkness’. Because, as it says in the next verse; it is the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ, meaning that God’s Light and Glory transpires through Jesus Christ.

To understand some of the key elements of Light, it begins with darkness. In the Bible it is the light that stands against the darkness. It is at the beginning of creation when in Genesis 1 it says; darkness was upon the face of the earth. Then follows the first Word God spoke, recorded in the Bible: Let there be light.

Darkness in the language of the OT denotes everything what is harmful or evil. Darkness is a threat to life and to moral. In the original Hebrew language there is not only a connection between darkness and sorrow, but also a connection between darkness and death. Whereas light refers to happiness and life, so does darkness denotes disaster and death. 

However, we should not forget that in the OT concept of God, He is not excluded from darkness. God is Souvereign over both light and darkness. He creates both (Is. 45:7), He sends both (Psalm 105:28), darkness can't hide for Him (Job 34:22, Is. 29:15) and darkness is not dark with Him (Psalm 139:11).

In the OT the darkness and chaos are not mentioned as an independent force, but it emphasises that darkness vanishes by God's Word. The darkness doesn't put up any resistance against God's Mighty Word.

Looking to the gospel of John and in his first letter, a duality between light and darkness is paramount. But, John doesn’t begin his gospel with darkness, as does Genesis begins, but with the Light. Because the Light has overcome the darkness. And it is therefore that Jesus says: who believes in Me will never walk in darkness.

As it is Valentines day today, we could look to some of the stories associated with various Valentines. 

Ancient sources reveal that there appear to have been several St. Valentines who died on Feb. 14. Two of them were executed during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd C.

For those who have an interest in studying saints and their stories, you can get lost in the 68 volumes of “Acta Sanctorum,” or “Lives of the Saints,” from Rosweyde and Bollandus in the 17th C. and later studies.

Following Acta Sanctorum, Father Valentinus was one of the saints who preached Jesus Christ and went on leading pagans, as it says, out of the shadow of darkness and into the light of truth and salvation. 

One man called Asterius is said to have asked: If the Christian God could cure his foster-daughter of blindness, he would convert. So Valentinus went with Asterius and put his hands over the girl’s eyes and said:

“Lord Jesus Christ, en-lighten your handmaid, because you are God, the True Light.” After he prayed the girl could see and Asterius and his whole family were baptized.

In this story about Valentine, light is more important than love. Love is not even mentioned. But, even if love is not mentioned, love is the basis for what happened. It begins with the love of God that send His beloved Son into the world. Then, because of love Jesus gave Himself for us to fulfil His ministry. And it is out of love for Christ that this Valentine preached Jesus as the true Light of the world.

In this day and age Valentines Day is associated with only love. And in the church associated with the love of God as well. But, it had a different emphasis in the preaching of Valentine as in the Acta Sanctorum. Here the emphasis is on the Light of Christ given to us through the love of God. Valentine mirrored what Paul preaches; Jesus Christ is Lord and He is the True Light.

It is the Light of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ, which is at the centre, because it is the final revelation of God’s love for us. God’s love revealed to us in the salvation ministry of Jesus Christ.